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how it works

free meet & greet

Dogs have amazing intuition and you want them to be comfortable with their walker. After an introduction and a brief chat we will take a short walk around your dog's favourite route.

make appointments

As soon as we have "approved" each other, and I have a copy of your key, you can book your walks immediately. Bookings are made using an app or through the Client Portal page.

let's go for a walk

As soon as I pick up your dog, you will receive an automated notification. You then simply wait for a drop off notice with the route we took, photo's and a mini summary of how the walk went.

Walking & Drop-in Visits

20 minute walk - $20

I will come to visit your dog to spend time with them, let out into the garden (or a quick walk around the block) to do their business and generally let them know they are thoroughly loved. I can also feed and change water.

30 minute walk - $30

You may not have a garden or your furry friend just prefers to get out of the house and press the flesh. A good "constitutional" will leave your dog at ease, feeling light as a feather and in a jolly mood for when you arrive home.

60 minute walk - $40

A walk along Spanish Banks, Kits Beach, the beautiful Pacific Spirit trails or a route your dog particularly prefers. A good old walk will hopefully leave your loved one thoroughly pleased and exhausted.

Extra dog from the same household - $10

10% Discount for Monday to Friday regulars (5 walks)


*****temporarily unavailable*****

This service begins at 8pm and ends at 8am the following morning. It includes morning, lunchtime and evening walks.

Extra dog from the same household - $10

10% discount for 5 nights or longer

Booking Services

Once we have met and approved each other, you can create an account using the Time to Pet platform.

As soon as your account is activated you will be able to book services straight away. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this;

You can agree to set days which means I will attend to your furry friend’s needs on a regular basis. This has the added advantage of not missing out due to unavailable time slots. If the idea of set times is not for you, then simply make a booking request as and when it suits you, online or mobile.

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