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We all love our four legged family members, but it can often become a chore to give them the exercise they need in order to lead healthy, happy lives. Getting home to walk them at lunchtime may near impossible or you may have had too hard a day in order to take them out long enough to tire them. It is important to make sure your dog gets enough of a workout because it not only makes them physically healthier, but mentally healthier too. Dogs that get enough physical activity are less likely to misbehave, which in turn may help to reduce separation anxiety. If you feel you need help giving the fulfilling life your dog needs, give Scott’s Doggy Walks a call.

Exclusive Solo Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services Vancouver Westside

Here at Scott’s Doggy Walks, we recognise the fact your four legged friend may not thrive in a pack and requires a walker offering a more individual approach. We only offer solo walks which means we can lavish that much more attention to your loved one.

We provide solo walks in the following areas; UBC, West Point Grey, Kitsilano & Dunbar.

A quick drop-in visit to to let let your pooch out into the yard or a short walk around the block to do it’s business. I can also check in on your cat, feed it, change the litter box and ensure it feels comfortable and loved.

Your dog is going to be most comfortable where it feels safest. So we will stay at your place and look after your pets and home. It’ll be like you’ve never left. We will provide evening walks, morning walks and additional toilet breaks if and when required.

And if you need any other tasks doing (watering plants, taking out garbage/recycling), we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

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